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Historical Figures Who Were Recorders

Caesar Rodney
Signer, Declaration of Independence
Delegate from Delaware, Continental Congress

Recorder of Deeds
Kent County, Delaware

Timothy Pickering
U.S. Senator, Massachusetts
U.S. Representative, Massachusetts
U.S. Postmaster
U.S. Secretary of War
U.S. Secretary of State

1774-1777 Register of Deeds
Essex County, Massachusetts

Rev. Joseph Montgomery
Delegate from Pennsylvania, Continental Congress

1785-1794 Recorder of Deeds
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Allen Trimble

Governor, Ohio

1808-1812 Clerk of Courts and Recorder of Deeds
Highland County, Ohio

George Nixon Briggs

Governor, Massachusetts
U.S. Representative, Massachusetts

1824-1831 Register of Deeds
Berkshire County, Massachusetts

David Rittenhouse Porter

Governor, Pennsylvania

1827-1836 Recorder of Deeds and Register of Wills
Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

John Page
Governor, New Hampshire
U.S. Representative, New Hampshire

1828-1834 Register of Deeds
Grafton County, New Hampshire

George Busby

U.S. Representative, Ohio

1831-1839 Recorder of Deeds
Marion County, Ohio

Nelson Dewey

Governor, Wisconsin

1837-1838 Register of Deeds
Grant County, Wisconsin Territory

Andrew Parsons

Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Michigan

1840-1846 Register of Deeds
Shiawassee County, Michigan

Cyrus Aldrich

U.S. Representative, Minnesota

1847-1849 Register of Deeds
Jo Daviess County, Illinois

Charles Miller Croswell
Governor, Michigan

1850-1854 Register of Deeds
Lenawee County, Michigan

Rev. Samuel Plummer Morrill
U.S. Representative, Maine

1857-1868 Register of Deeds
Franklin County, Maine

Lucius Hubbard
Governor, Minnesota

1858-1860 Register of Deeds
Goodhue County, Minnesota

Alfred C. Harmer

U.S. Representative, Pennsylvania

1860-1863 Recorder of Deeds
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Edward R. Lacey

U.S. Representative, Michigan
Comptroller of the U.S. Currency

1860-1864 Recorder of Deeds
Eaton County, Michigan

John Steele Henderson
U.S. Representative, North Carolina

1866-1868 Register of Deeds
Rowan County, North Carolina

George A. Sheridan

U.S. Representative, Louisiana

1878-1881 Recorder of Deeds
District of Columbia

William Henry Boyce

U.S. Representative, Delaware

1881-1886 Recorder of Deeds
Sussex County, Delaware

Frederick Douglass

1881-1886 Recorder of Deeds
District of Columbia

Henry Plummer Cheatham

U.S. Representative, North Carolina

1884-1888 Register of Deeds
Vance County, North Carolina
1897-1901 Recorder of Deeds
District of Columbia

Charles E. Townsend

U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative, Michigan

1886-1897 Register of Deeds
Jackson County, Michigan

Blanche Kelso Bruce
U.S. Senator, Mississippi
Register of U.S. Treasury

1891-1893 Recorder of Deeds
District of Columbia

William Scott Vare
U.S. Senator-elect and U.S. Representative, Pennsylvania

1902-1912 Recorder of Deeds
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Charles Frederick Joy
U.S. Representative, St. Louis City, Missouri

1907-1921 Recorder of Deeds
St. Louis City, Missouri

Francis Byron DeWitt

U.S. Representative, Ohio

1912-1920 Register of Deeds
Arenac County, Michigan

Charles Bennett Deane

U.S. Representative, North Carolina

1926-1934 Register of Deeds
Richmond County, North Carolina

Edward Patrick Boland
U.S. Representative, Massachusetts

1941-1952 Register of Deeds
Hampden County, Massachusetts

Carol Moseley Braun
U.S. Senator, Illinois
U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa

1980-1990 Recorder of Deeds
Cook County, Illinois

Jesse White

Secretary of State, Illinois

1992-1998 Recorder of Deeds
Cook County, Illinois

Terri Lynn Land

Secretary of State, Michigan

1993-2000 County Clerk and Register of Deeds
Kent County, Michigan