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File Your Home School
Declaration of Enrollment
with the St. Louis City
Recorder and Registrar

Home Schooling Information
@ Missouri Department of Elementary
and Secondary Education

St. Louis City Public Schools

St. Louis Area and State
(Missouri and Illinois)
Public Schools

Your Home School Enrollment Declaration must include

  • Name of each child attending the home school
  • Address and Phone Number of the home school
  • Name of each person teaching at the home school
  • Name, Address, and Notarized Signature of each person making the Declaration
  • $1.00 Filing Fee and Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (for return of your original)

Send Declaration to:

Land Records Department

Recorder of Deeds and Vital Records Registrar

City Hall, Room 126, 1200 Market

St. Louis, Missouri 63103


Section 167.042 RSMO
Home school, declaration of enrollment, contents-- filing with recorder of deeds or chief school officer--fee.  

For the purpose of minimizing unnecessary investigations due to reports of truancy, each parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the child who causes his child to attend regularly a home school may provide to the recorder of deeds of the county where the child legally resides, or to the chief school officer of the public school district where the child legally resides, a signed, written declaration of enrollment stating their intent for the child to attend a home school within thirty days after the establishment of the home school and by September first annually thereafter. The name and age of each child attending the home school, the address and telephone number of the home school, the name of each person teaching in the home school, and the name, address and signature of each person making the declaration of enrollment shall be included in said notice. A declaration of enrollment to provide a home school shall not be cause to investigate violations of section 167.031. The recorder of deeds may charge a service cost of not more than one dollar for each notice filed.






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