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Recorder of Deeds and
Vital Records Registrar

Administrative Office
open 8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. weekdays

City Hall, Room 126
1200 Market Street
Saint Louis
Missouri 63103


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Adoption Records
Genealogy and
Historical Research
Birth Records
Business and
Non-Profit Records
Campaign Finance and Election
Cemetery Records
Death Records
French and
Spanish Colonial
Home School Declarations
Land Records
Copies of
Deeds, Liens, Subdivision Plats; Structure History
Marriage Records
License Issuance
and Copies
Orphanage and
Institution Records
Registration and
Licensing Records
and Bottlers Records

Free Recording of
Military Discharge
Wills and
Probate Records



Changes to Missouri Statutes Affecting Recorders of Deeds s

2010 Missouri Legislation
Signed Into Law


Senate Bill 630 (Effective Date March 1, 2011)

Manufactured Housing: Establishes procedure for converting manufactured housing to real estate or from real property back to personal property

  • Section 442.015 RSMO
    Establishes requirements for recording Affidavits of Affixation and Affidavit of Severance for manufactured housing

House Bill 1643 (Effective Date August 28, 2010)

  • Section 59.003 RSMO
    Copies of records filed or recorded, dated after December 31, 1969, shall be made by the Recorder office in which the record was originally recorded

  • Section 59.318 RSMO, Section 193.265 RSMo
    Authorizes collection of donations for Jackson County Housing Resources Commission by Recorder and Vital Records offices

  • Section 429.110 RSMO
    Changes method for Notice of a Mechanic's Lien on real property of absent or nonresident owner and requires recording fee for notice
    Read Recorder's Notice Regarding Revisions to Missouri Mechanic's Lien Law .pdf

Senate Substitute for
Senate Committee Substitute for
House Committee Substitute No. 2 for
House Bills 1692, 1209, 1405, 1499, 1535, 1811

Senate Substitute for
Senate Committee Substitute for
House Committee Substitute for
House Bill 2058



Missouri Constitution
Missouri Code of
State Regulations (CSR)
Missouri Courts
Missouri General Assembly


Illinois Constitution
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