© St. Louis City
Recorder of Deeds

Administrative Office
open 8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. weekdays

City Hall, Room 126
1200 Market Street
Saint Louis
Missouri 63103


Adoption Records
Genealogy and
Historical Research
Birth Records
Business and
Non-Profit Records
Campaign Finance and Election
Cemetery Records
Death Records
French and
Spanish Colonial
Home School Declarations
Land Records
Copies of
Deeds, Liens, Subdivision Plats; Structure History
Marriage Records
License Issuance
and Copies
Orphanage and
Institution Records
Registration and
Licensing Records
and Bottlers Records

Free Recording of
Military Discharge
Wills and
Probate Records



Missouri Statutes
Affecting Recorder of Deeds

2010 Missouri Legislation Signed Into Law

The Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo) consists of 469 Chapters. Over 50 Chapters affect the Recorder of Deeds services of the St. Louis City Recorder and Registrar Office. Additional Chapters affect other Missouri county Recorder offices.

In addition to Missouri Statutes, the City Recorder and Registrar Office is governed by the St. Louis City Charter and Codes.

Other Statutes and Rules apply to the City Recorder and Registrar's Vital Records Services.

Chapter 14 Collection of U.S. Revenue
Chapter 41 Military Forces
Chapter 50 County Finances
Chapter 53 County Assessor
Chapter 55 County Auditor
Chapter 59 County Recorder of Deeds
Chapter 60 County Surveyors, Land Surveys
Chapter 67 Political Subdivisions
Chapter 82 Constitutional Charter Cities
Chapter 89 Zoning and Planning
Chapter 109 Public and Business Records
Chapter 140 Collection of Delinquent Taxes
Chapter 143 Income Tax
Chapter 144 Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 167 Pupils and Special Services -
Home Schooling
Chapter 215 Missouri Housing Development -
Missouri Housing Trust Fund
Chapter 260 Environmental Control
Chapter 327 Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects
Chapter 352 Religious and Charitable Associations - Incorporation
Chapter 357 Cooperative Companies
Chapter 362 Banks and Trust Companies
Chapter 371 Development Finance Corporations
Chapter 376 Life, Health, Accident Insurance
Chapter 379 Insurance and Other Than Life
Chapter 386 Public Service Commission
Chapter 391 Street Railroads
Chapter 400 Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 429 Statutory Liens Against Real Estate
Chapter 441 Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 442 Title and Conveyance of
Real Estate
Chapter 443 Mortgages, Deeds of Trusts,
Mortgage Brokers
Chapter 445 Plats
Chapter 446 Establishment of Evidence of Boundaries and Title to Land
Chapter 448 Condominium Property
Chapter 451 Marriage, Marriage Contracts, Rights of Married Women
Chapter 455 Abuse - Adults and Children,
Shelter Funding
Chapter 473 Probate Code - Administration of Decedent's Estate
Chapter 474 Probate Code - Intestate Succession and Wills
Chapter 486 Notaries Public
Chapter 490 Evidence
Chapter 511 Judgments
Chapter 527 Declaratory Judgments, Actions Involving Land Titles, Lis Pendens
Chapter 528 Partition Suits
Chapter 537 Torts and Actions for Damages
Chapter 576 Offenses Affecting Government - Official Misconduct
Chapter 610 Government Bodies and Records - Sunshine Law



Missouri Constitution
and Statutes History
1820 Missouri Compromise
(Missouri Territory becomes State of Missouri, admitted into Union as a slave state)
1820 Missouri Constitution
1856 Revised Statutes
of Missouri
1863 Missouri
Constitutional Convention
1865 Missouri Constitution
Journal of the 1875
Missouri Constitutional
1875 Missouri Constitution
1879 Revised Statutes
of Missouri
1899 Corporation Laws
of Missouri
1899 School Laws
of Missouri
1906 Missouri Annotated
Journal of the 1922
Missouri Constitutional


Missouri Constitution
Missouri Code of
State Regulations (CSR)
Missouri Courts
Missouri General Assembly


Illinois Constitution
Illinois Administrative Code
Illinois Courts
Illinois General Assembly