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Divorce Records Resources
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St. Louis Area Map showing Missouri and Illinois counties

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Missouri has 115 Counties including the City of St. Louis. Missouri Has 45 Judicial Circuits (Circuit Courts) consisting of one or more counties per circuit.

  • Divorces are filed in and granted by Circuit Courts.

  • The Circuit Court Clerk maintains records of divorce filings in the circuit.

1809-1853 in Missouri, divorces were sought from the courts or General Assembly (subject to governor's veto). Divorces came under the sole jurisdiction of Missouri courts in 1853. For most of Missouri's history, proof of long-term fault was the only grounds for divorce and divorce was seldom granted. Many wives abandoned by husbands assumed the title "widow" because divorce was not an option due to the expense, limited legal grounds, burden of proof, and the shame attached to divorce for both the woman and her children. Missouri adopted modified no fault divorce in 1973.

Missouri Case.net

  Contact Information for all Missouri Circuit Courts and Circuit Clerks by circuit number or county name

1948-Present Missouri Divorce Verification may be obtained from the Missouri Department of Health's Vital Records Bureau - You will receive a computer-generated document verifying a divorce in Missouri, or no record found, not a circuit court divorce record. This service requires a notarized signature on Application. Divorce records maintained by Missouri circuit courts are public records, though some settlements are sealed by the court, and do not require customer's notarized signature or photo identification to purchase a copy.
19th Century Judicial Index Database @ Missouri State Archives contains cases with keywords adultery, alimony, annulment, divorce, marriage, paternity
  St. Louis City and St. Louis County
  St. Louis City Circuit Court Clerk - 314.622.4923
Civil Courts Bldg, 3rd Floor File Room
10 N. Tucker, St. Louis, MO 63101

St. Louis City Circuit Court
  St. Louis County Circuit Court Clerk - 314.615.8029
St. Louis County Courts Bldg
7900 Carondelet, Clayton, Missouri 63105
St. Louis County Circuit Court
1855-1942 Miscellaneous Marriage Related Records (marriage contracts, divorce and separation agreements)
Archives Department, St. Louis City Recorder and Registrar

City Hall, Room 129-A, 1200 Market, St. Louis, Missouri 63103
314.589.6796 - E-mail
1808-1863 Divorces and Separations, transcriptions from Missouri Gazette and Missouri Republican by Torch @ Genealogy in St. Louis